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    'unconfined' can appear to mix up process names eg. (/usr/bin/rsync vs. · 77caea2c
    John Johansen authored
    /usr/bin/rsyncd) bnc#408869
    The unconfined tool shows:
    29799 /usr/bin/rsync not confined
    29799 /usr/bin/rsync not confined
    This is because unconfined is grabbing the post symlink resolved exe filename
    which for /usr/sbin/rsyncd is /usr/bin/rsync.
    To fix this provide both the cmdline and exec name in parenthesis when the
    exe name and the cmdline name differ.
    For the above example you would see
    29799 /usr/bin/rsync (/usr/sbin/rsyncd) not confined
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