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    used perltidy to clean up the formatting for the perl scripts in the · d8ae0323
    Jesse Michael authored
    utils package and manually fixed some places where perltidy's
    reformatting made it harder to read.  the options used were--
    -i=4    # 4-space indentation
    -l=0    # unlimited line length (for now)
    -pt=2   # slightly tightened parens
    -ce     # cuddled elses
    -nolq   # don't outdent long quotes
    -nsfs   # don't add spaces in front of semi-colons in for ( ) statements
    -isbc   # only indent block comments that have whitespace in front of them
    -otr    # don't place a break between a comma and an opening brace
    the code will be refactored to make it possible to switch to using 
    80-column line-breaks without resorting to really nasty formatting 
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