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    NEW: add ImportDomain to bin path (migrations) · de3d3c78
    Hephaestus Builder authored
    FIX: dns,enabled=1 fails to provision addon domain DNS (Validators\Dns)
    FIX: exceptions throw within mute() or silence() lock state (Error Reporter)
    FIX: get_records_raw() consistency. get_zone_data(), a dependent method, returns null on failure. get_records_raw() documentation states return type false on failure. Previously behavior converted to polysemic empty array that could be either an empty zone or failed transfer. (dns)
    CHG: conditionally disable/terminate services (Validators\Mail)
    CHG: cleanup PAM handler instantiation (Provisioning\Pam)
    CHG: check if group exists prior to creation (GroupCreationTrait)
    CHG: record_exists()- cache unreachable resolvers to avoid repeated timeouts (dns)