[Bootstrapper] MariaDB 10.5 support.
[DeleteDomain] --filter=XYZ may be specified to delete domains that match a suspension reason (see
[git] clean() removes untracked files from repository.
[SuspendDomain] suspension reasons may be given with --reason=XYZ. A template may be specified with --template=ABC. Reasons are shown upon login when [auth] => show_suspension_reason is enabled.

[PowerDNS] correct condition in which configuring PowerDNS as default provider, then installing PowerDNS on same server would utilize different API keys.
[SOAP] traits and proxied modules were improperly listed in WSDL.
[Terminal] discover non-standard SSH port.

[Argos] monitoring of /home partition if different.
[Bandwidth] autofix missing spans.
[Bootstrap] bootstrapper-resume service may timeout on lower performing hardware during installation cycle. Increase timer to 3 minutes.
[Bootstrapper] SpamAssassin filter threshold may be configured using spamassassin_scan_threshold.
[DNS] add check to use systemd-resolve service ("resolve") in nsswitch.conf on derelict upstream DNS resolvers.
[UI] Upgrade jQuery 3.5.1.

[MySQL] editing control user hostname (localhost). For remote connections for primary user, change localhost is always used for phpMyAdmin access.
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