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[Internal] preempt() complement to defer(), pushes a deferred callback to head of queue.
[Internal] Symbolic messages, prefixed with ":", may be filtered by its symbol instead of literal message.
[Scopes] backups.automatic-database-exports, routine exports of database backups or triggered manually. See
[Scopes] system.process-limits, control vfs ulimit parameters. See
[Tests] "DEBUG_PRESERVE_SITE" env presence controls ephemeral account deletion. Used to examining unit tests post-mortem.
[Tests] Upgrade ladder test runner. Perform iterative upgrade on app against range. See tests/runners/.
[Web Apps] BookStack, Flarum, Invoice Ninja, and Vanilla Forums.
[Web Apps] Deferrable reconfigurables. Reconfigurables that may be set at install time yet only fire (apply) after installation or at invocation time on an installed app.

[API] Symlinks incorrectly copied as files.
[Bandwidth] Site without bandwidth records triggers a warning.
[Bootstrapper] Setting admin password before Postfix configured on an install loop prevents mail dispatch when bootstrapper-resume is started interactively.
[HTTP] Force-resolve target domains upon redirection.
[Laravel] Punycode domain names in composer.json.
[PHP] Workspace parent directory removed by periodic tmpfiles sweep is not recreated due to inadequate stat checks.
[Web Apps] PHP-FPM caches docroot referent resulting in spurious "No input file specified" upon reinstalling a relinked docroot path in a hot worker.
[Web Apps] Releases sorted by page.

[Anyversion] Facilitate module builds by moving temporary directory to /var/tmp.
[API] file:delete will remove empty directories when $recurse is false.
[API] php:pool-set-state(), add support for "reload" to perform graceful reload of PHP-FPM.
[CLI] Success status reported. Previously level was blank.
[Datastream] Reduce read syscall overhead.
[GMail] Update MX records ASPMX2/3 to ALT3/4.
[Internal] Web Apps release fetch accepts version normalization callback.
[Laravel] Additional version check such that create-project package is at most 1 release behind target framework release date. Addresses condition in which laravel/framework 10.3.1 is requested yet laravel/laravel 10.3.3 boilerplate contains updated code in laravel/framework 10.10.1+. 10.0.5 would be the ideal candidate by timestamp.
[Laravel] Reconfigure APP_URL on SSL reconfiguration.
[MariaDB] Restore 11.0.1+ binary names.
[MultiPHP] Link PHP CLI binaries into /usr/local/bin if requested version varies from system.
[Transfer] Remote API access defaults to SSL.
[Web Apps] Add vendor link.
[Web Apps] Apps based on Composer no longer expect an approot beneath docroot.
[Web Apps] Graceful handling of irresolvable docroots. Application root shall report main document root when the domain is unbound to account.
[Web Apps] Subshell invocations of "php" binary pick up multiPHP directory.
[Web Apps] Silence "subdomain docroot is directory" in Web App update emails.

[Internal] Duplicate download routine in Webapps, Util\HTTP.
[Login] Potentially confusing characters in set "iIloO0" from password reset dialog.