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[Anyversion] python, go API modules.

[Anyversion] Modified .bashrc files may lack rbenv/pyenv/nvm/goenv wiring. Always include in API calls.
[Cgroup] 5.x kernels before 5.8 lack root-level memory.stat, cpu.stat counters in cgroupv2. Approximate system usage through procfs. Requires a combination of mainline kernel from ELrepo + cgroupv2 to trigger.
[Cgroup] Erroneous "frozen" state in v2.
[Firewall] fail2ban.whitelist removal has no effect.
[Firewall] SASL failed login match.
[Opcenter] Modifying diskquota,quota must cancel pending amnesty rollback.

[Ansible] 8.x compatibility.
[Bootstrapper] Forced reboot exits with 0 to allow ExecStartPost processing in abrupt termination.
[Discouse] 3.1 support.
[Mail] SMTP smuggling workaround on CentOS 7.
[Manage Mailboxes] Bulk add converts user to local delivery.
[Opcenter] Bypass logging local bandwidth.
[PostgreSQL] "unaccent" extension may be enabled.
[PostgreSQP] RPM key update.
[RPM] Convert MariaDB + MongoDB repositories to INI directives.
[vfs] VFS ulimits stored as templated dict. Any values encoded in there are repeated verbatim in FST/siteinfo/etc/security/limits.d/10-apnscp-user.conf.
[Wordpress] Implicitly update wp-cli-login upgrade.

[pman] run()- scalar arguments are deprecated. An array or hash must be used in future versions.
[rspamd] v3.7.3 lock.