[apnscpd] Report last fatal error in systemd status field.
[DNS] Changing IPv4, IPv6 pools through dns.ip4-proxy/dns.ip6-proxy performs a batch update on managed zones.
[Migration] --do=, --list-components= for staged reapplication from a backup. In most situations --no-create --no-scan --no-bootstrap should be included to prevent post-migration hooks from running once the components are processed. --do may be listed multiple times.
[MongoDB] 5.x support.
[redis] system_info()- send INFO command to ApisCP Redis instance.
[PHP] Add "php_enabled" Bootstrapper setting to control presence of PHP on node. Implied when has_dns_only is enabled.
[upcp] -m|--migration flag runs specified migrations. glob-style wildcards are supported. Results are not logged to migrations database. Intended primarily for development purposes to test migrations without specifying the full name.
[WordPress] AST walker constant retrieval.
[WordPress] debug reconfigurable, toggles debug mode.

[apnscpd] systemd culls control-group on direct process restart.
[Apps] application manifest "vars" key uninitialized in production.
[Argos] Disabling rspamd monitoring by mail feature.
[Bootstrapper] git:// protocol suspended on Github.
[CLI] % in service values, e.g. auth,tpasswd=, treated as variable placeholder.
[DNS] Promoting addon domain to primary domain removes zone.
[Filesystem] Declaring /sys/fs/cgroup -> /.socket/cgroup as slave mount loses propagation rights when /.socket mounted as slave. Corrects window between apnscp and cgconfig initialization in which PHP-FPM could startup failing on postexec cgclassify step.
[Let's Encrypt] Callback arguments violate strict typing when [letsencrypt] => auto_bootstrap enabled.
[Opcenter] Deleting a site lingers queued jobs in atd. Rewrite Util_Process_Schedule to optionally tag job IDs with site identifier. These jobs will be removed at account deletion.
[PHP-FPM] Delayed cgroup rbind into vfs results in failed PHP-FPM startup when cgroup,enabled=1 on busy sites.
[PostSRSd] Spaces in /etc/default/postsrsd treated as command.
[Preference] Context derivation on domain change.
[rampart] bans_since()- null dereference prior to initialization.
[Settings] Cancelling confirm dialog still processes removal.
[Subdomains] index.html missing in newly created subdomains.
[Task Scheduler] Setting MAILTO= without an active job.
[Whitelist] Cancelling confirm dialog still processes removal.
[WordPress] Missing .htacess results in corrupted SSO link.

[Aliases] Restore previous behavior introduced in 3.2.31, a domain deleted yet not committed via aliases:synchronize-changes may be added. Perform additional check in pending configuration.
[apnscpd] Move \ListenerServiceCommon to \ListenerService\Daemon.
[auth] change_cpassword() permits locked indicator, !!. A locked account may not login but may change its password.
[Bootstrapper] software/argos role variable "state" accepts "disabled"/"enabled" in addition to false/true.
[Distro] Update AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux migration scripts.
[imagick] Bump extension to 3.7.0.
[Laravel] Cap Laravel 8 to non-PHP 8 setups.
[Migration] Drop unsupported IP stacks on target machine.
[MySQL] Relink /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock as needed after installation.
[Node] Cleanup Node versions on upgrade. Change default behavior to not install system-wide Node. Controllable via node_system_install (bool) and node_prune_system_upgrades (bool).
[PHP-FPM] Increase 100ms retry on failed service to 750ms defensively against future misconfigured service dependency ordering.
[Regex] Permit punycoded email domains.
[rspamd] Rework remote Redis configuration (see
[Screenshots] Purge saved screenshots when a domain/subdomain is added.
[Screenshots] User namespaces can be disabled entirely as mitigation for CVE-2022-0185 and general hardening. Disabling namespaces disables sandboxing in Chrome, which is designed to isolate tabs from malicious code exploiting a vulnerability. When disabled sandboxing must be disabled as well. [screenshots] => sandbox_fallback controls this behavior.
[UI] Reduce scope of external opener decorator to any rel="external" attribute.
[UI] Trim space from search input.
[WordPress] update_plugins()/update_themes()- Extend plugin/theme argument to accept $force (default: false) that bypasses skiplist rules. Available only when $plugins is formatted as a complex list.
[WordPress] Specifying hold:1 as an option during install preserves structure in event of failure.

[Mail] courier-authlib when mail feature disabled.
[Settings] Konami easter egg for non-Site Administrators.
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