[Apnscp] Cover edge case if redis.conf maxmemory directive below used_memory. Such a situation could occur if regenerating redis.conf from template that has already increased its memory limit.
[Cgroup] freezer, cpuset controllers always applied to cgrules.conf.
[Cloudflare] Parameterized records send without attributes.
[Crontab] virtualcron.service fails to initialize on race condition with apnscp.service. To avoid polluting mount table, cgroup controllers are bind mounted based on platform requirements. cgroupv2 uses a single hierarchy which obviates this requirement; however platform is still on v1. Add workaround by restarting virtualcron service after cgroup controllers are mounted into FST.
[Migrations] proxyaddr/proxy6addr retained on target server.
[Migrations] Overrides referencing an array are logged as "Array".
[UI] Static resource key that protects third-party apps forgotten after extended duration without panel restart (> 4 days).

[Cgroup] Use rbind for controller mount into shared r/w path (/.socket) when unified hierarchy detected.
[dns] export() will polyfill NS records from dns:get-hosting-nameservers when absent in export.
[Drupal] Minimum installable version is now 7.33
[Drupal] Query drupal/drupal Github repository for versioning.
[Migrations] Clone DNS when migrating site to new server with disjoint nameservers. Prior behavior lost all prior records on new server.
[PowerDNS] Fallback on RPM schema if playbook-supplied schema is absent.
[Web Apps] Support version pagination on Github. Match MAJOR.MINOR versioning.
[WordPress] SSO no longer requires dispatcher presence.
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