[Opcenter] Add [opcenter] => site_id_offset setting that sets site ID origin when creating new sites. Must remain below 32767.
[Opcenter] procfs abstraction library.
[Scopes] mongodb.enabled, enable MongoDB support.
[Scopes] net.ip6-enabled, perform reconfiguration when adding IPv6 support to server.

[mysql] Always escape underscores on database creation.
[MySQL Manager] Disabling database backups skips import.
[MySQL Manager] "write" permission is not checked when enabled.
[phpMyAdmin] dead SSL URL.
[phpPgAdmin] dead SSL URL.
[PostgreSQL Manager] Disabling database backups skips import.
[Redis] Base conversion float return breaks strict typing enforcement during Redis memory detection routine.
[Spam Filter] Delivery threshold, settings lost on adjustment.
[Yum] Missing package triggers for PostgreSQL v13.
[Web Apps] failed reconfiguration on install leaves behind .git/, .gitignore.

[Argos] Check backend property before application. Previously, modifying a property on a new backend without updating the backend elicited crash.
[Anvil] Improve brute-force tracking. Add new tuneables, [anvil] => request_limit and request_limit_window that control how many requests may occur over a window in seconds. Only non-static requests are tracked. Change also covers cPanel brute-force attacks that have been noted across a variety of servers.
[Backend] Always run housekeeping/cron in debug mode. Original intention was for development, but private usage keeps this mode activated to the detriment of routine SSL renewals and miscellany.
[cron] Hide "No such file or directory" messages generated during web ownership updates.
[Ghost] Disambiguate next leg of upgrade process on major changes.
[rbenv] Update HEAD.
[Web Apps] Catch garbage HTTP statuses during Update Assurance initialization.
[WordPress] Streamline SSO installation/activation into single process.
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