[OS] Stream 8 support.
[upcp] "edge-major" mode to set ApisCP on edge releases until next official release.
[webapp] snapshot(), rollback() API helpers to facilitate app snapshots and rollbacks. API signature applies to all compatible Web Apps.

[Composer] specify "name" field on config/custom/composer.json creation.
[git] commit() does not report failure reason.
[Ghost] LTS version fails to set on pristine account.
[MySQL] imports cannot read from backups that begin with a dot.
[PHP] apply g+x to home directories when subdomains are located within if PHP-FPM is used.
[PHP] socket activation may be disabled on boot.
[Python] Python3 libraries missing on CentOS 8 platforms.
[Settings] Cannot unset "Strict SSL" setting.

[Bootstrapper] changing hostname in net.hostname update
[dns] remove_zone() accepts optional $force parameter bypassing any sanity checks in removal.
[Internal] Improve self-referential timeouts for misbehaving routers.
[Laravel] db_config()- cache configuration if needed.
[PHP] Increase default upload filesize limit.
[PHP] Permit fpm-config-custom to override php_admin directives.
[Rampart] reduce port ban on postfix-sasl violation to Postfix ports (25, 465, 587).
[web] remove_subdomain()- add optional $keepdns parameter to retain DNS after a subdomain is removed.
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