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[Bootstrapper] kernel_automated_reboot controls unassisted reboots after kernel upgrade.
[Opcenter] Internal/reserved IPv4/IPv6 address sensibility checks for CloudFlare, Delegated Whitelist.
[pgsql] change_owner(), get_owner()- manage database ownership in PostgreSQL.
[telemetry] telemetry is now enabled by default. See
[WordPress] "Manage Packages" feature now available in Web Apps. Functions as a backdoor to disable plugins/themes in an inconsistent state, as well as manage update settings. skip_asset(), unskip_asset(), asset_summary() API methods added to facilitate.

[Bootstrapper] various idempotency fixes. UEFI support.
[DataStream] multi-mode reports failed commands.
[Logrotate] btmp never rotated out on weekly basis due to unmatchable regex.
[MySQL] 10.4 mysql.user field fixes.
[Net] hairpin check defaults to gateway address if not previously configured as with a namebased hosting.
[Opcenter] ssh,port_index does not initialize when ssh,enabled is flipped on during an edit.
[WordPress] numerous fixes to updating third-party/commercial plugins.

[DNS] Parented zones now use the parent zone instead of creating a separate zone. A parented zone is one in which the parent and child reside on the same account. If a child is created as a new domain, then a separate zone will be created or in the case of CloudFlare, fail.
[Migrations] remediation improvements, ".boxtrapper" handling, detect previously relocated subpaths.
[upcp] drop privileges on git usage.
[Web Apps] Joomla!, Laravel, Drupal, Ghost, and WordPress produce additional debugging information when debug mode is enabled (see

[aliases] change_domain() no longer requires the domain to not be listed in aliases,aliases.
[PHP] Remove mod_php from non-low-memory servers.