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Converts a pattern in any non-B0 isotropic cellular automaton into an
equivalent 'metafied' pattern in B3/S23. This inspects the rulestring
in the provided pattern file to determine how to program the metacell:
Usage: python infile.rle [outfile.rule]
If outfile.rule is specified, this will additionally emit a Golly
ruletable file implementing the 8-state 4-neighbour automaton used by
the metacell to emulate the desired isotropic rule.
The original announcement of the metacell is here:
The code below uses the Python bindings of lifelib. Due to the way Python
constructs sys.path, it will use the lifelib submodule directory within
this slmake repository, even if you have another installation of lifelib
on your machine.
from lifelib.genera.isotropic import str2tab
except ImportError:
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