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......@@ -23,3 +23,22 @@ largest and most ambitious being [a self-replicating metacell][2].
This repository also contains a script, ``, to assemble
arbitrary patterns in arbitrary isotropic 2-state 9-neighbour cellular
automata out of these metacells.
The contents of the `data` directory were prepared using a variety of search
tools by Dave Greene, [Simon Ekstroem][3], and myself; this was supplemented
by manual recipes by Chris Cain and Martin Grant, partially based on search
results from [Catagolue](
The mechanisms for efficiently moving the construction arm by a long distance
are based on the [2-engine][4] and [3-engine][5] Corderships discovered by
Aidan Pierce and Paul Tooke, respectively. Dave Greene helpfully compiled the
'launchpad seeds' involved.
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