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This repository contains software for producing self-constructing circuitry
in Conway's Game of Life. The main program is `slsparse.cpp`, which takes
an annotated arrangement of still-lifes (in ``) and produces a
glider stream which constructs the arrangement. The glider stream is saved
as both an output pattern, ``, and a textual list of spacings,
It operates by splitting the pattern into one or more well-separated
**metaclusters** which are processed individually. For each metacluster,
an efficient recipe is found by heuristic-driven dynamic programming. This
recipe is then reordered to reduce the length of the glider stream. Finally,
the glider streams for the separate metaclusters are concatenated in order
to produce a complete synthesis of the original pattern.
There is [a tutorial]( written
by Dave Greene, the content of which will not be needlessly duplicated here.
Several example projects are given in [an article he wrote][1], with the
largest and most ambitious being [a self-replicating metacell][2].
This repository also contains a script, ``, to assemble
arbitrary patterns in arbitrary isotropic 2-state 9-neighbour cellular
automata out of these metacells.
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