Commit cc01f886 authored by Adam P. Goucher's avatar Adam P. Goucher

Ensure gcc-g++ and gcc-core are synchronised

parent e5a31e59
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__version__=[x.replace('"', '') for x in '''
#define LIFELIB_VERSION "ll2.1.9"
#define LIFELIB_VERSION "ll2.1.10"
// '''.split() if ('ll' in x)][0][2:]
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ def get_cygwin_dir():
raise ValueError("Cygwin directory unknown; please call lifelib.add_cygdir(r'D:\\path\\to\\cygwin64') or lifelib.install_cygwin()")
def install_cygwin(root_directory=None, packages=['python2', 'python2-numpy', 'python3', 'python3-numpy', 'gcc-g++', 'make', 'git']):
def install_cygwin(root_directory=None, packages=['python2', 'python2-numpy', 'python3', 'python3-numpy', 'gcc-core', 'gcc-g++', 'make', 'git']):
For lifelib to run correctly on Windows, there needs to be a 64-bit Cygwin
installation with g++, Python, and numpy. The user is free to download and
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