Commit 4dddf9e8 authored by Adam P. Goucher's avatar Adam P. Goucher

Allow compilation of multiple rules using reset_tree

parent b457b17f
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__version__=[x.replace('"', '') for x in '''
#define LIFELIB_VERSION "ll2.1.18"
#define LIFELIB_VERSION "ll2.1.19"
// '''.split() if ('ll' in x)][0][2:]
......@@ -404,9 +404,12 @@ def write_all_iterators(f, hist, rules, families):
def reset_tree(rule='b3s23', throw_error=False):
if not isinstance(rule, list):
rule = [rule]
cwd = os.path.abspath(os.getcwd())
generate_code([rule], clean_before=True)
generate_code(rule, clean_before=True)
if throw_error:
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