Commit 35efc7e2 authored by Adam P. Goucher's avatar Adam P. Goucher

Detect symmetry group of 24-cell

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......@@ -42,6 +42,19 @@ class TestTreeduce(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertEqual(len(mp), 48)
def test_24cell(self):
Tests that the vertex set of the 24-cell has a symmetry group of
order 1152 as expected.
t = [-1, 0, 1]
d4 = [(w, x, y, z) for x in t for y in t for z in t for w in t if w*w + x*x + y*y + z*z == 2]
self.assertEqual(len(set(d4)), 24)
mp = list(automorph.matperms(d4))
self.assertEqual(len(mp), 1152)
def test_reduce(self):
Tests that we can recognise an hexagonal rule embedded as a Moore CA.
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