Commit a5561ee9 authored by Konstantin Tskhovrebov's avatar Konstantin Tskhovrebov 🤖

Merge branch 'fix/issue_due_date_parsing' into 'develop'

Fix parsing issue due_date parsing.

See merge request terrakok/gitlab-client!92
parents cc22be7e c2428ac9
......@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ data class Milestone(
@SerializedName("description") val description: String?,
@SerializedName("state") val state: String?,
@SerializedName("due_date") val dueDate: String?,
@SerializedName("start_date") val startDate: String?,
@SerializedName("created_at") val createdAt: LocalDateTime?,
@SerializedName("title") val title: String?,
@SerializedName("updated_at") val updatedAt: String?
@SerializedName("updated_at") val updatedAt: LocalDateTime?
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ data class Issue(
@SerializedName("created_at") val createdAt: LocalDateTime,
@SerializedName("labels") val labels: List<String>,
@SerializedName("user_notes_count") val userNotesCount: Int,
@SerializedName("due_date") val dueDate: LocalDateTime?,
@SerializedName("due_date") val dueDate: String?,
@SerializedName("web_url") val webUrl: String?,
@SerializedName("confidential") val confidential: Boolean,
@SerializedName("upvotes") val upvotes: Int,
......@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ import org.threeten.bp.ZonedDateTime
import java.lang.reflect.Type
import java.util.*
* Created by Konstantin Tskhovrebov (aka @terrakok) on 27.02.18.
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