Commit ba1a92ba authored by Eugene Shapovalov's avatar Eugene Shapovalov 💬

Take the decision for Markdown image size resolver from 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.

parent fec9c209
package ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.toothpick.provider
import android.content.Context
import okhttp3.OkHttpClient
import ru.noties.markwon.SpannableConfiguration
import ru.noties.markwon.UrlProcessorRelativeToAbsolute
import ru.noties.markwon.renderer.ImageSize
import ru.noties.markwon.renderer.ImageSizeResolver
import ru.noties.markwon.spans.SpannableTheme
import ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.R
import ru.terrakok.gitlabclient.extension.color
......@@ -38,11 +41,39 @@ class MarkDownConverterProvider @Inject constructor(
private val urlProcessor = UrlProcessorRelativeToAbsolute("")
private val imageSizeResolver = object : ImageSizeResolver() {
override fun resolveImageSize(
imageSize: ImageSize?,
imageBounds: Rect,
canvasWidth: Int,
textSize: Float
): Rect {
// This implementation was taken from SNAPSHOT @2.0,0.
// Post process bounds to fit canvasWidth (previously was inside AsyncDrawable)
// must be applied only if imageSize is null.
val rect: Rect
val w = imageBounds.width()
rect = if (w > canvasWidth) {
val reduceRatio = w.toFloat() / canvasWidth
(imageBounds.height() / reduceRatio + .5f).toInt()
} else {
return rect
private val spannableConfig
get() = SpannableConfiguration.builder(context)
override fun get() = MarkDownConverter(
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