Commit 6ae1cb3f authored by Eugene Shapovalov's avatar Eugene Shapovalov 💬

Fixed bug associated with markdown image url regex.

parent 39152b27
......@@ -5,9 +5,10 @@ import javax.inject.Inject
class MarkDownUrlResolver @Inject constructor() {
private val regex = Regex("^!\\[\\w+]\\(/uploads/\\w+/\\w+\\.\\w+\\)$")
private val regex = Regex("^!\\[.+]\\(/uploads/.+/.+\\.\\w{3,4}\\)$")
// ![CragHag](/uploads/69c4ef83b86c66eb3f147915d26c427e/CragHag.png) - before attach
// ![2018-09-03_15.26.43](/uploads/c1fc914375a3d975f12bb6d54d1ee8c8/2018-09-03_15.26.43.jpg)
// link to download
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