1. 13 Dec, 2017 5 commits
    • Sarah White's avatar
      rename documents dir to pages in antora modules · c73e6f74
      Sarah White authored
      - remap partialsdir path
      - fix examplesdir typo
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      create component structure and page URL diagrams · 564efe6b
      Sarah White authored
      - replace directory blocks with diagrams
      - add assets/images directory to ROOT
      - add component directory structure diagram
      - add modules directory example diagram
      - add root module directory diagram
      - add assets directory diagram
      - add pages directory diagram
      - add root page URL diagram
      - add module page URL diagram
      - rename module.adoc to modules.adoc
      - add component structure pages to nav.adoc
      - write _attributes.adoc summary in component-structure.adoc
      - minor copy edits
    • Dan Allen's avatar
      revise docs structure docs for technical accuracy · 79eb0cdf
      Dan Allen authored
      - rewrite purpose of component descriptor file
      - rewrite benefits of standard project structure
      - break down the macros more clearly
      - clarify location of each folder in project structure hierarchy
      - fix path references
      - lowercase section titles in antora.yml reference
      - mark pages directory as required
      - emphasize difference between block and inline image
      - consolidate wording in various places
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      expand module structure definitions · 28dbded2
      Sarah White authored
      - add xrefs between new pages and references pages
      - add IDs
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      add page assets and partials documentation · 5bc63581
      Sarah White authored
      - describe page assets markup
      - describe partials markup