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= ADR 0001: Minimum Node Version
:revdate: 2017-09-25
== Status
== Context
The current minimum version of Node for Antora is Node 7.
However, being an odd version number, Node 7 is not slated to become a long-term support (LTS) release.
Now that Node 8 is now considered stable and mature, the Node project recommends its use over Node 7.
Libraries such as Yarn are beginning to phase out support for Node 7.
The current LTS release is Node 6.
However, Antora cannot go backwards to Node 6 since Antora relies on several ES2016 (ES7) features first introduced in Node 7, including the await keyword.
The only option is forward.
== Decision
We will bump the minimum version of Node to develop and use Antora from Node 7 to Node 8.
The only factor that was previously holding back this change was for nodegit to support Node 8.
Installing nodegit on Node 8 used to require the installer to build nodegit from source, which took several minutes.
We've confirmed that nodegit installs on Node 8.5 using Yarn 1.1.0 in a few seconds.
Now that nodegit supports Node 8, there is nothing preventing Antora from upgrading.
== Consequences
By making Node 8 the minimum required version of Node, we can be sure Antora will depend on a version of Node that will be supported from October 2017--which aligns perfectly with the initial release of Antora--to December 2019, according to the[Node LTS schedule].
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