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.Why Node 8?
This project leverages the latest and greatest features of ECMAScript, namely ECMAScript 2017 (ES2017).
The main feature of ES2017 this project depends on is Async Functions (with the new `async` & `await` keywords).
It drastically simplifies our asynchronous code.
In order to use this feature, we need least Node v7.10.1.
For stability reasons, we decided to go for Node 8 since our dependencies are compatible and it will have longer support.
The main feature of ES2017 this project depends on is the {uri-async-func}[Async Function] (which introduced the `async` and `await` keywords).
This feature drastically simplifies our asynchronous code.
Node 8 is the first long-term support (LTS) release that provides this feature, which is why it's defined as the prerequisite.
You can read more about the decision to set Node 8 as the minimum required version in {uri-adr-0001}[ADR 0001: Minimum Node Version].
If you don't yet have Node installed, or the version of Node you have isn't Node 8, we strongly recommend using {uri-nvm}[nvm] (Node Version Manager) to manage your Node installations.
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