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document CI pipeline in the contributing guide

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......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
:uri-repo: {uri-project}.git
:uri-issue-board: {uri-project}/boards/368796
:uri-issue-labels: {uri-project}/labels
:uri-ci-jobs: {uri-project}/-/jobs
// External URIs:
:uri-git-dl: {uri-git}/downloads
......@@ -357,6 +358,35 @@ If you're working on tests or refactoring tested code, you can run the test suit
This command runs the test suite and coverage report each time you save the test or the code under test.
=== Continous Integration
Both the linter and the test suite documented above are run in a continous integration (CI) environment on every commit to master and on every merge request.
A merge request cannot be merged unless the CI pipeline succeeds.
The CI pipeline is run in the[GitLab CI] environment using the[node:8] docker image.
The pipeline consists of the following stages:
* setup
* test
These stages, as well as any global configuration settings, are defined in the [.path]_.gitlab-ci.yml_ file at the root of the project.
The CI pipeline essentially boils down to these three commands:
* `yarn install`
* `gulp lint`
* `yarn test`
You can view the results of the jobs in the pipeline on the {uri-ci-jobs}[jobs dashboard].
==== Skip the CI Pipeline
If you need to make a change to the repository without triggering the CI pipeline, add `[skip ci]` to the end of the commit message.
For example:
fix typo in README [skip ci]
This flag is reserved for non-software changes, as suggested by the example.
=== Fork the Project
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