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link to pipelines dashboard instead of jobs dashboard [skip ci]

parent 7f326427
= Antora Direct
// Project URIs:
:uri-ci-jobs: {uri-project}/-/jobs
:uri-ci-pipelines: {uri-project}/pipelines
:img-ci-status: {uri-project}/badges/master/pipeline.svg
// External URIs:
image:{img-ci-status}[CI Status (GitLab CI), link={uri-ci-jobs}]
image:{img-ci-status}[CI Status (GitLab CI), link={uri-ci-pipelines}]
Antora is a modular documentation site generator especially designed for users of {uri-asciidoctor}[Asciidoctor].
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
:uri-repo: {uri-project}.git
:uri-issue-board: {uri-project}/boards/368796
:uri-issue-labels: {uri-project}/labels
:uri-ci-jobs: {uri-project}/-/jobs
:uri-ci-pipelines: {uri-project}/pipelines
// External URIs:
:uri-git-dl: {uri-git}/downloads
......@@ -376,7 +376,7 @@ The CI pipeline essentially boils down to these three commands:
* `gulp lint`
* `yarn test`
You can view the results of the jobs in the pipeline on the {uri-ci-jobs}[jobs dashboard].
You can view the results of the pipelines on the {uri-ci-pipelines}[pipelines dashboard].
==== Skip the CI Pipeline
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