Commit c826cc4a authored by Antoine Fauchié's avatar Antoine Fauchié

admin: nouvelle configuration pour le déploiement du site en SSH avec rake et rsync

parent 95171f7a
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# put here any directive needed only when deploying
# a special deploy_dir variable specifies the deployment location using rsync
2018-06-11 11:13:31 +0200
\ No newline at end of file
# this file can be used to override the Rakefile's default, but it is not needed
# launch compass
$compass = false
# default extension for posts
$post_ext = ".textile"
# default location for posts
$post_dir = "_posts/"
# check and warn before deploying if there are remote changes (if git is used)
$git_check = false
# commit and push after deploying
$git_autopush = false
desc 'Publication du site via rsync'
task :deploy do
puts 'Mise à jour du site'
user = 'quaternu'
server = ''
path = 'www'
sh "rsync -rtzh --delete _site/ #{user}@#{server}:#{path}"
puts 'Site publié !'
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