Commit 655af10d authored by Antoine Fauchié's avatar Antoine Fauchié

edit: mise à jour de la biblio LaTeX

parent ff28a9e8
title = {The {{LaTeX}} Fetish ({{Or}}: {{Don}}'t Write in {{LaTeX}}! {{It}}'s Just for Typesetting)},
shorttitle = {The {{LaTeX}} Fetish},
author = {Allington, Daniel},
date = {2016-09-13},
journaltitle = {Daniel Allington},
url = {},
urldate = {2020-04-30},
file = {/home/antoine/Zotero/storage/UJYTMAT8/the-latex-fetish.html},
langid = {american},
type = {Blog}
title = {What is text, really?},
author = {DeRose, Steven J. and Durand, David G. and Mylonas, Elli and Renear, Allen H.},
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