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# PasteBin
Pastbin is an android base client application for Ubuntu pastebin service , an OpenSource web application where you can paste snippets of text, usually source code or log files, for public viewing. Pastes made to pastebin are usually only saved for a short period of time.
# Screenshots
<img src="/phoneScreenshots/01.png" alt="screenshot1" height="50%" width="30%">
<img src="/phoneScreenshots/02.png" alt="screenshot2" height="50%" width="30%">
<img src="/phoneScreenshots/03.png" alt="screenshot3" height="50%" width="30%">
<img src="/phoneScreenshots/04.png" alt="screenshot4" height="50%" width="30%">
<img src="/phoneScreenshots/05.png" alt="screenshot5" height="50%" width="30%">
<img src="/phoneScreenshots/06.png" alt="screenshot6" height="50%" width="30%">
# Installation
<a href="">
<img src=""
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