This Template file will help Netbeans to have simplify CodeIgniter Code Template in PHP.

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CI-NB-Template Verison 1.0

This is netbeans custom template created for codeigniter repetitive command can can be type using following key bindings.

Release Download From :


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Shortcut Use For
* civer CI-NB Template Version Info
* php Get php tag in html view
* cianchor Codeigniter Anchor
* cicontroller Codeigniter Controller
* cicookie Codeigniter Fetch Cookie Data
* cidbaffected Database Affected Rows
* cidbcount Database Count All
* cidbdelete Codeigniter AR delete
* cidbget Codeigniter AR Get
* cidbgroup Codeigniter AR group
* cidbinsert Codeigniter AR insert
* cidbinsertbatch Codeigniter AR insert batch
* cidbinsertid Database Insert Id
* cidbjoin Codeigniter AR Join
* cidblast Database last Query
* cidblimit Codeigniter AR limit **
* cidbload Codeigniter Load Database
* cidbquery Codeigniter Standard Query
* cidbselect Codeigniter AR select
* cidbupdate Codeigniter AR update
* cidbwhere Codeigniter AR where **
* ciflash Flash Data
* ciformcheckbox Form checkbox
* ciformclose Form Close
* ciformdropdown Form dropdown
* ciformhidden Form hidden
* ciforminput Form input
* ciformlabel Form label
* ciformopen Form Open
* ciformpass Form password
* ciformsubmit Form submit
* ciformtext Form text
* ciformupload Form upload
* ciget Codeigniter GET
* cigetpost Codeigniter GET_POST
* cilibrary Codeigniter Library
* ciloadhelper Load helper
* ciloadlibrary Load library
* ciloadmodel Load Model
* ciloadview Load View
* cimodel Codeigniter Model
* cipost Codeigniter POST
* ciserver Codeigniter Fetch Server Data
* cisesall Session All Userdata
* cisesdata Session Userdata
* cisesdestroy Session destroy
* cisesset Session Set Userdata
* cisesunset Session unset userdata
* cisetcookie Set Cookie Data
* civalidation Run set validation
* cirun Run form validation