Commit 07ab2d1f authored by Yábir García's avatar Yábir García

Fix error creating note object

parent ad7ade00
......@@ -20,17 +20,21 @@ def generate_create_note(status: Status, users: List[UserProfile]) -> Create:
for user in users:
note['to'] += ['']
t = Note(note)
data = {
'id': note['id'] + 'activity',
'id': note['id'] + '/activity',
'type': "Create",
'actor': note['attributedTo'],
'published': note['published'],
'object': note,
'object': t,
if note.get('to'):
data['to'] = note['to']
data['to'] = note['to']
if note.get('cc'):
data['cc'] = note['cc']
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