Commit 95bf10ba authored by beuc's avatar beuc

Introduce sdk_repo and alternate system images

parent 78795b4d
......@@ -16,14 +16,21 @@ lunch sdk-${BUILD_VARIANT}
# Can't build sdk and win_sdk on the same 'make':
# build/core/ *** The 'sdk' target may not be specified with any other targets. Stop.
# dist:!topic/android-building/Y0xduZPWtUs
make sdk -j$(nproc) showcommands dist
make win_sdk -j$(nproc) showcommands dist
# sdk_repo:
make -j$(nproc) sdk showcommands dist sdk_repo
make -j$(nproc) win_sdk showcommands dist sdk_repo
make -j$(nproc) PRODUCT-sdk_arm64-sdk showcommands dist sdk_repo
make -j$(nproc) PRODUCT-sdk_x86_64-sdk showcommands dist sdk_repo
#make -j$(nproc) PRODUCT-sdk_x86_64-userdebug sdk showcommands dist sdk_repo
# => build/core/ error: The 'sdk' target may not be specified with any other targets.
ls -lh \
out/host/linux-x86/sdk/sdk/android-sdk_${BUILD_NUMBER} \
out/dist/android-sdk_${BUILD_NUMBER} \
out/host/windows/sdk/sdk/android-sdk_${BUILD_NUMBER} \
out/dist/android-sdk_${BUILD_NUMBER} \
out/dist/sdk-repo*.zip \
# useful?
# out/target/product/generic/
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