Commit e5854beb authored by Andrew Senior's avatar Andrew Senior

Corrected make command in installation documentation so that the fort77

compiler is specified explicitly. This prevents another compiler (e.g. gfortran)
being used instead.
parent d2b0f79c
......@@ -110,11 +110,19 @@ where <code>/some/path</code> is the path where the ERP model software was
installed above. You may see a warning about trying to patch a read-only file;
this is normal. Finally, the NEC software should be built using
<code>make FC=fort77 F77=fort77</code>
The code is built using the <em>f2c</em> Fortran-to-C translator and you may
have to install the <code>f2c</code> package (or equivalent on non-Debian
distributions) in order to build the NEC code. Note that there is no need to
distributions) in order to build the NEC code. <code>f2c</code> provides the
<code>fort77</code> script that makes <em>f2c</em> run like a Fortran compiler.
The arguments to <code>make</code> ensure that the correct compiler is used (if
the compiler is not specified explicitly like this, then on systems that have
other Fortran compilers installed, e.g. GNU Fortran, another compiler may be
called instead, depending on how it has been installed. This can result in a
non-functioning NEC program).</p>
<p>Note that there is no need to
do <code>make install</code> after running <code>make</code>. Indeed, doing so
would be inadvisable if you already have the <code>nec</code> package installed
for some other purpose.</p>
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