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Adds explanation of our review label system.

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......@@ -21,6 +21,16 @@ _This notice should stay as the first item in the file._
The following contents has to be considered as an extension over [gitlab-ce contributing guidelines](
### How we prioritise MRs from the wider community
Currently we use a system of scoped labels to help us priortise which MRs our team will review.
| Label | Meaning | Use Cases |
| ---- | ----- | ----- |
| ~"Review::P1" | Highest priority to review | Indicates an MR that might solve an urgent pain point for users, contributes to the strategic direction of the runner development as laid out by the Product team, or fixes a critical issue. We maintain a hard cap on the number of contributions marked ~"Review::P1" at which is currently set at 3|
| ~"Review::P2" | Default priority to review | All incoming MRs should be defaulted to this |
| ~"Review::P3" | Lowest priority to review | WIP MRs, feature enhancements that only appear to serve a small number of users |
### Contributing new [executors](
We are no longer accepting or developing new executors for a few
......@@ -37,7 +47,7 @@ With GitLab 12.1, we introduced the [custom
which will provide a way to create an executor of choice.
## Workflow lables
## Workflow labels
We have some additional labels plus those defined in [gitlab-ce workflow labels](
......@@ -45,3 +55,4 @@ We have some additional labels plus those defined in [gitlab-ce workflow labels]
- OS: ~"os::Linux" ~"os::MacOSX" ~"os:FreeBSD" ~"os::Windows"
- executor: ~"executor::docker" ~"executor::kubernetes" ~"executor::docker\-machine" ~"executor::docker\-machine" ~"executor::shell" ~"executor::parallels" ~"executor::virtualbox"
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