GTDB is a graphical debugger for Torque3d.

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GTDB is a graphical debugger for Torque3d (www.torque3d.org). It works on GNU/Linux and Windows. It is free/libre software released under the GPLv2 licence. The current version is 0.2.

The debugger is in beta state. There are some tiny issues. Restarting the game and the debugger often helps.

Philipe Cain is the main author of the debugger. The the development stopped in 2008. In 2017 Andreas J. Heil updated the debugger.


Gtdb has the following prerequisites:

  • Python 2.7
  • wxPython 3.0

If you compile it from git source on GNU/Linux, you also need:

  • gnu autotools (autoconf, make, automake)
  • autoconf-archive

on GNU/Linux

If you use Ubuntu (16.04) you can fetch the prerequisites with the following command
$ sudo apt-get install -y python python-wxgtk3.0 autotools-dev autoconf-archive make

Compile gtdb with:
$ cd path/to/gtdb
$ ./bootstrap && ./configure && make

Start gtdb with:
$ cd path/to/gtdb
$ ./env gtdb/gtdb

You can also install it after compilation with:
$ cd path/to/gtdb
$ sudo make install

Then you can start it just with:
$ gtdb

on Windows

You can easily install the prerequisites with the package manager chocolatey. If you have chocolatey installed, you can run:
$ choco -y install wxpython

To run gtdb, execute the script in the main gtdb source folder named "START_ON_WINDOWS.py" with python. This may look like that: 'right click on the file' -> 'open with' -> 'python.exe'

Quick Start Tutorial

You can find a quick start tutorial on the following page: http://eviwo.free.fr/torque/Debugger-documentation.html#Quick_start .


If you have problems, don't hesitate and write a mail:
andijh92 @@ gmx DOT at


Version 0.2

  • Windows support
  • Loading *.TDebug files from an untrusted source could lead to execution of malicious code . Now it's fixed. The parameter files have the new extension ".gtdb".

Version 0.1

  • first release