Verified Commit ac1e4181 authored by Erazem Kokot's avatar Erazem Kokot
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Replace hostname and vconsole.conf files with instructions

parent c254a008
......@@ -52,6 +52,10 @@ prepare_build_dir() {
# Remove motd since it's not useful in Anarchy
rm "${PROFILE_DIR}"/airootfs/etc/motd
# Set installer's hostname and console font
echo "anarchy" >"${PROFILE_DIR}"/airootfs/etc/hostname
echo "FONT=ter-v16n" >"${PROFILE_DIR}"/airootfs/etc/vconsole.conf
# Add anarchy packages
cat "${REPO_DIR}"/anarchy-packages.x86_64 >>"${PROFILE_DIR}"/packages.x86_64
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