Verified Commit 6759b3b2 authored by Erazem Kokot's avatar Erazem Kokot
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Don't print normal log messages to stdout

parent 8f9dccb3
......@@ -6,18 +6,19 @@ LOG_FILE="/root/anarchy.log"
export LOG_FILE
# Logging library, that appends its arguments (log messages) to the LOG_FILE
# It logs messages and command output but also prints command output to stdout
log() {
if [ -n "$1" ]; then
# Manual logging
echo "[$(date '+%H:%M:%S')]: ${message}" | tee -a "${LOG_FILE}"
echo "[$(date '+%H:%M:%S')]: ${message}" >>"${LOG_FILE}"
# Command output
echo "*** COMMAND OUTPUT ***" | tee -a "${LOG_FILE}"
echo "*** COMMAND OUTPUT ***" >>"${LOG_FILE}"
while read -r message; do
echo "${message}" | tee -a "${LOG_FILE}"
echo "*** END OF COMMAND OUTPUT ***" | tee -a "${LOG_FILE}"
echo "*** END OF COMMAND OUTPUT ***" >>"${LOG_FILE}"
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