Verified Commit 50d688c0 authored by Erazem Kokot's avatar Erazem Kokot
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Add progress bar for arch keyring updates

parent 54a31aaf
......@@ -27,10 +27,15 @@ start_menu() {
# Update Arch packages and keyring
log "Updating pacman keys"
pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring --noconfirm | printlog
pacman-key --keyserver hkp:// --init | printlog
pacman-key --keyserver hkp:// --populate archlinux | printlog
pacman-key --keyserver hkp:// --refresh-keys | printlog
pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring --noconfirm | log
pacman-key --keyserver hkp:// --init | log
pacman-key --keyserver hkp:// --populate archlinux | log
pacman-key --keyserver hkp:// --refresh-keys | log
) &>/dev/null &
pid=$! pri=0.3 msg="\n${pacman_load} \n\n \Z1> \Z2pacman-key --refresh-keys\Zn" load
touch /root/.anarchy_updated
Start) touch /root/.anarchy_updated ;; # Pretend user has updated
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