Verified Commit 40e9c9f4 authored by Erazem Kokot's avatar Erazem Kokot
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Remove uneccessary log entry for setup-user

parent f27e6f2b
......@@ -298,7 +298,6 @@ add_user() {
(printf "${input}\n${input}" | arch-chroot "${ARCH}" passwd "$(cut <<<"${i}" -d: -f1)") &>/dev/null &
pid=$! pri=0.1 msg="${wait_load} \n\n \Z1> \Z2passwd $(cut <<<"${i}" -d: -f1)\Zn" load
unset input
echo "Password set: $(cut <<<"${i}" -d: -f1)" | log
if [ "$(cut <<<"${i}" -d: -f3)" == "yes" ]; then
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