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      prepare 1.2.0 changelog · fedb6dd6
      Antoine Beaupré authored
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      document research on database format · b9b05b80
      Antoine Beaupré authored
      I have tried reverse-engineering the Kobo database format, and it's a
      real mess. The `content` table, for example, has about 90 *columns*,
      most of which are basically useless. There are multiple rows per book,
      one per book but also one per chapter per book (instead of having,
      say, a separate `chapters`) table.
      There is a lot of user tracking junk in there as well, which tells me
      the reader is spying on its users and reporting that information back
      to headquarters, something which we already knew about, but it's kind
      of creepy to see in action.
      Even worse: those results are completely useless in trying to improve
      the current update mechanisms. Changes to the database are not picked
      up by the GUI at all, and changes in the GUI are not written in the
      database until a reboot or USB connect. This will make it hard, if not
      impossible to find a better way to update the contents than the
      current `fake-usb-connect` mechanism. Collections/shelves (#20) will
      also be difficult to implement, unless the DB is updated *while the
      USB dialog is open*, which is really not easy to do, because the
      database then gets unmounted!
      So this was a full day of work wasted, thanks to Kobo's failed
      engineering. It's a miracle this thing works at all, when you think
      about it. This makes [okreader] really interesting again...
      [okreader]: https://github.com/lgeek/okreader/
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      remove duplicate GOARCH flag · 847f1387
      Antoine Beaupré authored
      We had two GOARCH flags in the tarball target, and Make obviously
      considers only the latter, so they are redundant.
      While we're here, reorder and regroup those variables so they make
      more sense.
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      update toc · 3dc69696
      Antoine Beaupré authored
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      start using godep · 3b987bc8
      Antoine Beaupré authored
      Trying to make sure we have a way to pin dependencies during
      development. This doesn't fix fundamental issues with go get: that's a
      broader problem with the go ecosystem that dep can't fix directly. We
      fix this with CI right now, it's a packaging problem.
      We also don't commit vendor/ as I object to the duplication of code. I
      assume that the presence of the .lock file provides sufficient
      protection against spurious upstream changes (e.g. with -vendor-only)
      that we don't need to keep a local copy.
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      add tag filtering & document · 8b067f0e
      Bogdan Cordier authored
      - Only articles tagged with at least one tag defined in config are downloaded.
      - Tags must be a comma separated list of strings.
      - Filtering is not case sensitive.
      - Spaces before & after each tag are trimmed.
      Fix #19
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