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    fix interoperability issue with mbsync · b9a6a703
    Antoine Beaupré authored
    We would really have liked to use afew for this, but it has severe
    performance problems, for example:
    And that's just one of the issues... I couldn't actually figure out
    how to do a bunch more stuff in afew, particularly the `move` plugin
    just doesn't work for me because it operates on a single folder at a
    time. Modifying this would involve forking the entire project, as the
    `move` functionality is not a plugin that is easily modified.
    This is a known bug, that said:
    But generally, I'm not sure that my "sync tags to mailbox" pattern
    fits well with afew's notion that it only processes "new" messages,
    which seemed to be geared more towards a "single workstation"