Commit 25a806f4 authored by Antoine Beaupré's avatar Antoine Beaupré

document theming in the manpage

See: #4513
parent b7118466
......@@ -69,6 +69,26 @@ toggle the fullscreen mode
.B control-q
quit application
The look of
.B gameclock
can be customized fairly easily using GTK resource files. The clock
widgets are conveniently named to allow easy customizing. Take for
example the sample "Green" builtin theme:
style "clockui" {
bg[NORMAL] = "black"
fg[NORMAL] = "white"
bg[SELECTED] = "red"
fg[SELECTED] = "black"
bg[ACTIVE] = "green"
fg[ACTIVE] = "black"
widget "*.clockui.GtkEventBox" style "clockui"
widget "*.clockui.*Label" style "clockui"
.BR xboard (1),
.BR .
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