fix documentation for catchup flag

catchup actually calls output plugins, but tells them to behave, since 0.10
parent b613248a
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ def rm(obj, name):
default=None, type=int, metavar='N')
@click.option('--force', '-f', is_flag=True, help='do not check cache')
@click.option('--catchup', '-n',
is_flag=True, help='do not call output plugins')
is_flag=True, help='tell output plugins to do nothing permanent')
def fetch(obj, pattern, parallel, jobs, force, catchup):
st = FeedManager(obj['config'], obj['database'], pattern=pattern)
# used for unit testing
......@@ -97,12 +97,9 @@ class FeedManager(object):
already seen. passed to
:class:`feed2exec.feeds.parse` as is
:param bool catchup: disables the output plugin by setting the
``output`` field to None in the ``feed``
argument passed to
:func:`feed2exec.feeds.parse`, used to
catchup on feed entries without firing
:param bool catchup: set the `catchup` flag on the feed, so
that output plugins can avoid doing any
permanent changes.
logging.debug('looking for feeds %s in %s', self.pattern, self.conf_storage)
if parallel:
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