prepare changelog for 0.11.0

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feed2exec (0.11.0) unstable; urgency=medium
major release: two months of bugfixes, major refactoring and
documentation overhaul.
* bugfixes:
* create missing directory in archive plugin
* deal with feeds without a title
* fix crash in mbox logging
* fix crash when running without a config file
* handle missing content-location header from the wayback machine
* fix crash when using a relative path with --config
* features:
* allow shorter plugin names on the commandline: the full plugin load
path is quite a mouthful. This makes it easier for our users and allow
them to use only the shorter module name, relative to the
`feed2exec.plugins` path, on the commandline only. We keep the
configuration file and internal use with the full plugin path. This is
to avoid double-resolving the path and ensures the configuration file
has a reliable plugin name.
* major API refactoring, more details in d0b770a:
* force API consumers to specify an explicit path instead of doing
load-time guessing.
* use composition instead of inheritance in the feed manager, to
reduce ambiguity
* locking is now in the FeedManager dispatch command
* plugins are now ran serially even when running in parallel, although
plugins are, as a whole, executed in parallel with the parsing, which
is the main performance improvement we are looking for in parallelism
anyways, because parsing is the slow part. performance tests don't
show any significant degradation in performance
* minor API changes:
* allow find_test_file to return the test directory, to permit listing
test artifacts
* shorten and explicit variable names
* rename test_db fixture to db_path to harmonize with conf_path fixture
* also harmonize class names between conf and cache storage
* extensive documentation refactoring:
* document test writing
* split code of conduct and contribution guide
* fix formatting error in plugins docs and broken links in design docs
* add security disclosure guidelines and contact
* add support section inspired by Monkeysign
* add issue template, integrated with GitLab
* expand design documentation to provide a quick tour of the code
* mention --catchup in cache purge and plugin deletion limitation
* count lines of code without tests: it is unfair to compare out line
count with the others because we have a much larger test suite, which
has exploded in recent releases
* suggest positive feedback as a contribution
* fix syntax error and mention caveat of toot/mastodon integration
after tests
* test suite improvements;
* add test suite for archive plugin
* use pytest parametrization for opml test files
* enable debug-level log capture in the catchlog module
* accept OPML test files without resulting .ini file
* refactor temp db use to simplify test suite
* move OPML main test along with other OPML tests
-- Antoine Beaupré <> Mon, 29 Jan 2018 11:12:36 -0500
feed2exec (0.10.0) unstable; urgency=medium
* bugfies:
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