Commit d2d63260 authored by Antoine Beaupré's avatar Antoine Beaupré

deprecation noticed

this project is now abandoned. :(
parent 85c6564b
Documentation extractor and renderer for Debian packages
.. note:: Note: this project is now **DEPRECATED**. It has been
superseded by the `debiman <>`_
project which was written after debmans was published, but without
the author being aware of its existence. The result is a go program
that is actually quite similar in design to ``debmans`` but faster
and more complete. It is now the tool behind `
No further changes will be done on the source code here, which will
probably live here as a reference indefinitely.
``debmans`` is a tool to extract documentation (currently manpages) from
Debian packages and transform them into HTML for viewing with a normal
web browser.
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