Commit 03bf11c7 authored by Antoine Beaupré's avatar Antoine Beaupré

remove two options i never used in renderer

this improves test coverage and simplifies the code
parent 9cb4f967
......@@ -43,12 +43,8 @@ from debmans.utils import mkdirp
@click.option('-s', '--srcdir', default='.',
help='where the source manuals are (default: output of the extract command)')
@click.option('-l', '--filelist', type=click.File(),
help='process files from given list, overrides -m')
@click.option('-f', '--file', type=click.Path(), multiple=True,
help='process the given file, may be repeated, overrides -m')
def render(obj, srcdir, filelist, file):
def render(obj, srcdir):
'''render documentation to HTML
this looks for patterns matching a certain regex in the given
......@@ -59,14 +55,13 @@ def render(obj, srcdir, filelist, file):
mirror = obj['mirror']
patterns = obj['patterns']
if not filelist and not file and 'changed_paths' not in obj:
if 'changed_paths' not in obj:'looking for patterns %s in %s', patterns, srcdir)
filelist = find_files(srcdir, patterns)
if not filelist:
filelist = []
if file:
filelist = itertools.chain(filelist, file)
# get modified paths from extractor, if it was also called
if 'changed_paths' in obj:'received %d paths from extractor',
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