Mirror of a snapshot of the alternc-stats code I still had lying around, because upstream SVN disappeared. Most likely not working with recent alternc releases.

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    import alternc-stats SVN checkout into git · b1d693e6
    Antoine Beaupré authored
    This is what SVN info says:
    Path: .
    Working Copy Root Path: /home/anarcat/src/alternc-stats
    URL: https://dev.alternc.org/svn/alternc-stats/trunk
    Relative URL: ^/alternc-stats/trunk
    Repository Root: https://dev.alternc.org/svn
    Repository UUID: f84471de-540d-0410-a634-8ee2f8b0224d
    Revision: 2668
    Node Kind: directory
    Schedule: normal
    Last Changed Author: azerttyu
    Last Changed Rev: 2668
    Last Changed Date: 2010-03-15 11:25:07 -0400 (Mon, 15 Mar 2010)
    Obviously, history is not available because alternc.org/svn has
    disappeared and SVN keeps only the last version on checkout.
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