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Restored Nicos Changes.

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......@@ -56,16 +56,27 @@ clean.human #human readable table
clean.translations #table matching human readible strings to machine readible strings
clean.one_hot #one-hot encoded table
***Note**: This code assumes that the xls-Tables have not changed and loads pre-computed cleaned tables. If you work with new xls-Tables, or if they have changed, change the second line to*
clean = clp.clean_table(reload_tables=True)
The corresponding code files can be found in ```src/cleanup/```.
In order to include the additional data found on the WorldPop Project website, it is necessary to place the .tif files in
```data/external/literacy/```, ```data/external/population/``` and ```data/external/poverty/```.
## Predictions
The folders containing the scripts of the logistic regression and the random forest are located in ```src/```.
Each model has its own script.
The commands required to train/predict a model can be found in the first lines of the corresponding model script.
The input features as well as the training/testing mode can be adjusted in the main function of the scripts.
## Visualisations
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