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......@@ -27,15 +27,19 @@ See those videos for a short introduction to the selectorate theory:
**** [[][Paradise Papers]] :politic:
**** [[][GDR's Final Interview]]
* Economy
**** [[][Factfulness]], by /Hans Rosling/ :economy:
**** [[][Gapminder]] :economy:
**** [[][Don’t Panic — End Poverty]], by Hans Gosling :video:economy:
**** [[][Don’t Panic — End Poverty]], by /Hans Rosling/ :video:economy:
**** [[][Mind the Gap]] :economy:
**** [[][How to Make Wealth]] :economy:
**** [[][Are Software Patents Evil?]] :economy:patents:
* Anthropology
**** Sapiens, by /Yuval Noah Harari/
* History
**** 1984, by /George Orwell/ :history:politic:
* Education and psychology
**** [[][Do schools kill creativity?]], by /Ken Robinson/ :video:education:
**** [[][The best stats you've ever seen]], by /Hans Gosling/ :politic:psychology:video:economy:
**** [[][The best stats you've ever seen]], by /Hans Rosling/ :politic:psychology:video:economy:
**** [[][Sex, drugs and HIV -- let's get rational]], by /Elizabeth Pisani/ :video:education:psychology:
**** [[][A Textbook Example of What's Wrong with Education]] :education:
**** [[][Feynman on the scientific method]] :education:
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