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cinema: Expand some details

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#+TITLE: Cinema Frivolities
#+DATE: <2014-11-24 Mon>
An insight of Hollywood: /Writing movies for fun and profit/ (Thomas Lennon &
Robert Ben Garant, 2012)
* Books
- Writing movies for fun and profit :: Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Garant, 2012.
An interesting insight of Hollywood.
* Some uncanny movies
......@@ -93,7 +95,11 @@ Robert Ben Garant, 2012)
* French age certifications
(U = no restriction)
The French movie distribution benefits from a strong anti-censorship lobby which
considers age restrictions as censorship and as such as detrimental to art.
As a result, some movies get sometimes surprising age certifications (U = no
- 127 Hours: U
- 300: 12
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