Commit dc5983e3 authored by Pierre Neidhardt's avatar Pierre Neidhardt

publish.el: Add Comments link to postamble

parent e3c4ddb3
......@@ -32,7 +32,8 @@
;; (postamble "footer" "postamble"))
org-html-postamble t
;; TODO: Link last update to commit history of file.
org-html-postamble-format '(("en" "<p class=\"date\">Date: %d (Last update: %C)</p>
org-html-postamble-format '(("en" "<p class=\"comments\"><a href=\"\">Comments</a></p>
<p class=\"date\">Date: %d (Last update: %C)</p>
<p class=\"creator\">Made with %c</p>
<p class=\"license\">
<a rel=\"license\" href=\"\"><img alt=\"Creative Commons License\" style=\"border-width:0\" src=\"\" /></a>
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